My hair is natural but Im not a natural hair guru. I take lots of pictures but im no model. I paint and write but only for fun, never for money. My favorite things to do are to love eat and laugh. Ill forever mourn the death of Amy Winehouse. Happiness is what im chasing. Firm believer in spirituality and self improvement. 60 year old granny trapped in a 23 year old body.
  1. When I first realized I wanted to change my eating habits I didn’t know where to start and thats what made the process harder. But to help others who are trying to eat healthier OR lose weight this is what I’ve been eating for the past three months. Theres a lot that I eat thats not on here but I basically eliminated red meat and anything fried from my diet. When i grocery shop I only buy fruits vegetables and fish. I tried catfish, tilapia and salmon. Salmon was my favorite of all three. Bananas are my favorite fruit now and they’re great for digestion and are very filling. Also realize that I was eating better as well as yoga and cardio 3x a week.

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